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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my new blog space. If you are new to my work, I encourage you to have a look around and I hope that you find something here that inspires.

If you are stopping by from my previous blog Suite 404, then you probably know that I have been working on reorganizing for a while. I have been feeling scattered and all over the place for a long time now and that's probably because I have been doing too much under too many different "identities". I have been working as a newborn photographer, launching a shop called Suite 404, running a blog for Suite 404, and recently I started painting and beefing up my fine art portfolio...while still continuing to work full time as a graphic designer. Insane, I know, but it's all work that I love to do, so why not do it under one name...my name.

There is a new website in the works where you will find my art, photography and designs (by designs, I mean the prints, letterpress, and stationery that were previously part of my Suite 404 brand), all in one place.

I sat down one day with my sketchbook and thought deeply about what it is that I really want to be doing with my creative time and I realized that some things had to be simplified while others had to be let go of altogether. I set out to clear out the clutter. My studio was cluttered, my presence online was scattered, some of my personal and professional relationships became lopsided and I was giving up too much of myself and my time. You probably know. You've probably been there too.

So here we are. A fresh start.

Some would advise that I simplify even further. Some would say that I should probably focus on one endeavor. If you want to be an artist, be just an artist. If you want to be a designer, then be just a designer. If you want to be a photographer, focus on taking pictures. And they would be right. They would have a point...and as I write that I am reminded of a proverb I heard once that goes "If you chase two rabbits, both will escape". True. They will...but then I guess I can spend my life chasing my creative "rabbits" and at the very least, if nothing else happens, the chase will be fun.

Anais Nin said "How can I accept a limited definable self, when I feel, in me, all possibilities?" and I cannot agree more. I don't know how to be just one kind of creative; I envy those that are able to focus on one lifelong passion, but that is not me. So I hope that you'll join me on this journey as I chase my varied creative loves...and along the way I hope you'll find some small morsels of inspiration to fuel your own pursuits. 

Best Wishes, Kinga

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