Juicing for wellbeing...

Weekend mornings at home are my favorite because my hubby makes the best breakfast omelets in the world. The best! I love waking up to the sounds of him preparing breakfast and brewing coffee. These kinds of mornings are often slow and quiet and we spend time reading and chatting while enjoying a healthy breakfast...but until recently, I felt that one thing was missing...freshly squeezed juice.

Over the years I have heard so much about the health benefits of juicing and have always wanted a juicer so we finally bought one. If you do any research about juicing and its benefits you will realize that much like everything else, it can have a dark, fad-like side as well where people assume it's a way to lose weight quickly. While juice detoxes are often beneficial, in my opinion, they should never be motivated by weight loss and anyway, this was not the reason for our purchase and use of a juicer. 

We both agreed that it would add to our overall health to enjoy a few glasses of freshly squeezed juice every day and it would allow us to easily sneak in the kinds of things we don't necessarily consume daily; like kale, parsley, swiss chard, ginger, beetroot etc.

After doing a bunch of research and price comparing every juicer, juice fountain, kitchen-magician-gadget-spaceship-thing we could find, we decided on a Cuisinart Compact juice extractor and so far I would say we love it. It's small, quiet, cleanup is a breeze and it makes some pretty tasty juices.

My favorite combination so far is apples, carrots, ginger and kale but there are so many recipes we have yet to try...and apparently you can even juice a sweet potato. Who knew? We have been trying to get a glass in with breakfast and sometimes do another glass in the evening and I would say with certainty that we are feeling the benefits. It's an instant boost of energy and wakes me up quite nicely in the morning and I would even go as far as saying that my skin looks and feels better. I will share some more creative combos with you as we continue to experiment...but so far...we're loving the JUICE!

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