Garden fresh peaches...Parfait!

My parents have the most gorgeous backyard. They have a veggie garden and fruit trees and my mom's green thumb keeps flowers blooming all summer long. With the great weather we've been having, the entire garden is a lush jungle-esque escape that makes me look forward to having a garden of my own some day, even if I struggle with keeping a basil plant alive for more than a month. 

One of my favorite trees in the yard is the peach tree which is completely covered in fruit ripe for the picking. I like to just eat peaches of course, but when you have an abundance, you have to find other ways to enjoy them. I think my absolute favorite way is in a yogurt parfait. 

Cut up peaches.
Cover with plain or vanilla greek yogurt.
Toss in some walnuts. 
Top with chia seeds. 

I like to re-use Bonne Maman jam jars for this because they are the perfect size. I make it in the morning and eat it when I reach my desk at work...it has become a routine, daily thing...so I'm not sure what I will do when peaches are no longer in season...move on to pears, then apples I think. 

Speaking of apples, is anyone else as ready for fall as I am? For some crazy reason, this year I am completely excited about the season changing. Bring on the boots and sweaters and the crisp fall air...I'm ready. 


Daniella C said...

Yum! Peaches are so good right now! I do the same with my parfaits, i found little "stubby" jam jars that are the perfect size. Everything stays in it's layers, lol.

I am also SO ready for Fall. I hate that Winter follows but Fall is such a perfect time of year, not too hot, not too cold, so many "harvest" festivals and the like. I love it!

Kinga said...

Daniella - I didn't even think of the little stubby jars...those would be perfect...and I do love the festivals about fall, but mostly that everyone seems to get back to a routine and things calm a bit.

Sarah said...

Hi Kinga, This is Sarah from BYW, just wanted to let you know I will be posting my homework later today, and how much I enjoyed looking around your blog. I really wish I had a peach now, they look so yummy!